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AC Services

AC Services


Product Description

At Technician you can hire expert AC repair service near you. Our professional Service Providers will give you the best AC repair service. From general inspection, to changing AC parts you can avail every AC related service within a few moments.

About Technician’s AC Repairing Service

Technician is the largest marketplace in Bangladesh where we serve you with every possible service. AC Repairing service is one of our services to repair all types of AC related problems. We deliver expert and AC repair services with integrity from our professional service providers.

Available Services
AC Checkup
AC Basic Servicing
AC Gas Charge
AC Master Service
AC Water Drop Solution
AC Installation
AC Shifting Service
AC Compressor Fitting
AC Dismantling
AC Jet Wash
AC Service Repairing
AC Checkup Service: AC Checkup service offers only the diagnosis of your Air Conditioner by an expert technician who performs initial tests for problem identification.

AC Basic Servicing: AC Basic service offers primary diagnosis, filter cleaning, test and identify problems by an expert AC technician.

AC Gas Charge: This service offers a performance checkup and post gas refill. If there is a leakage; most of the time AC can be fixed onsite but sometimes it might take a longer time. For that, you have to wait for 1 or 2 days.

AC Master Service: AC Master Service offers detail cleaning of the indoor and outdoor units including minor problem-fixing (excluding materials and parts). The service charge varies on your AC amount, height, weight and difficulties.

AC Water Drop Solution: This service offers identification of the source of dripping water from your AC and fixation water drainage system accordingly. Any additional materials/parts will be charged separately.

AC Shifting Service: This service is to shift your AC unit from one place or floor to the loading truck. Only the service charge is applicable for this service. The service charge varies on your AC amount, height, weight, and difficulties.

AC Compressor Fitting With Gas Charge: This service offers old Compressor removal and new Compressor installation. Compressor price and warranty differ as per manufacturer.

AC Jet Wash: AC Jet Wash offers detailed cleaning of the indoor and outdoor units with Jet Wash Machine including minor problem-fixing (excluding materials and parts). The service charge varies on your AC amount, height, weight, and difficulties.

AC Dismantling: This service offers dismantling AC from home or workplace and disconnecting all the electrical wiring from the AC unit.

AC Capacitor Replacement: This service offers to replace the AC capacitor with a new one. Capacitor price and warranty differ as per manufacturer.

AC Circuit Repairing: This service offers to repair the circuits of your AC. Circuit box price and warranty differ as per manufacturer.

Why Us?

Hassle-Free: Ordering AC repair service from us is simple and easy. You can hire expert Service Providers from us hassle-free to carry your AC here and there. Our Service Provider will come to your doorstep for you.

Budget-Friendly: You can hire a professional AC repair service in the same budget or less than any other local services near you. Our Service Providers will provide expert AC technicians to inspect problems and fix them.

Well-trained Professionals: Our professional Service Providers have discreet and skilled AC repair technicians. Their backgrounds are thoroughly checked in detail. Safety Assurance: Our service providers offer a safe AC repairing service for you. This means they will handle repairs with care.


You only have to pay the service charge including materials/parts cost if taken using cost will have to pay if no service is avail payment:

After service completion you will receive a text message on your mobile from then you have to pay through Online or Cash on Delivery.

Technician will not be liable for any pre-existing issues or potential risks reported by the technician but not handled due to the customer’s refusal to repair.

Night Service: 10 pm to 8 amNight service starts from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am
Minimum 4 Hours Lead time after service booking
In excess of BDT 500 will be charged as Emergency Support Service Charge
If for any reason the customer refuses to take service after order confirmation, only the Emergency Support Service Charge will be applicable
Technician will not liable for any direct or incidental loss/damage of the client’s property or personal security during availing of the service, caused by accident, theft, burglary, or any other type of incidental damages.
The client is singularly responsible for monitoring, using, and supervising the activities provided by Service providers.
By availing of the service, clients automatically discharge from any claims or legal/moral liabilities other than stated in the Terms of service specified by Technician


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